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Dr. LoPinto’s goal is to develop positive, adaptive behavior in children and adolescents in all areas of their lives – at home, at school, at work, with family, friends, and teachers – so they may become happy, productive, and successful. Dr. LoPinto believes that consistency across settings and among individuals is critical in order to achieve this goal. Therefore, Dr. LoPinto is committed to a multimodal approach which encourages frequent communication and collaboration among all those who interact with the child/adolescent. Whether working with children, parents, or teachers, Dr. LoPinto’s philosophy for helping others is educational, solution-focused, and guided by evidenced-based approaches.


Dr. LoPinto helps others understand the lagging developmental skills contributing to their child's/student's concerning behavior and teaches them how to collaboratively solve the specific problem situations giving rise to concerning behavior and improve the underlying lagging skills.


Dr. LoPinto uses a collaborative process aimed at helping others solve their problems in an adaptive manner.


The specific approaches, strategies, and techniques Dr. LoPinto uses are research-based and guided by cognitive-behavioral principles.

"Together we can develop positive behavior in your child!"
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