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Lisa LoPinto, Clinical Psychologist, P.C. *

Developing Positive Behavior In Children And Adolescents

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First, Dr. LoPinto will provide a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that involves the following:


  • Conducting diagnostic interviews with the child, the child’s parents, and the

    child’s teachers
  • Completing the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP) with parents
  • Obtaining a comprehensive developmental, medical, mental, social/behavioral, and academic history
  • Reviewing any previous educational, psychological, or neurological testing
  • Using rating scales, questionnaires, and checklists completed by the child, parents, and/or teachers
  • Observations of the child across settings



Based on the identification of the child’s difficulties, recommendations may include meeting with the child’s parents individually and/or together with the child in order to achieve the following:



  • Providing psycho-education to parents about their child's symptoms and lagging skills

  • Helping the family adjust and cope

  • Teaching parents how to respond appropriately to their child’s behavior
  • Reducing challenging behavior by solving problems collaboratively as a family
  • Improving the parent-child relationship
  • Assisting parents with coordinating school interventions/accommodations
  • When clinically appropriate, assisting parents with referrals for other mental health services, such as an evaluation for medication management*






* Medication is only recommended in specific circumstances. Dr. LoPinto is sensitive to the concerns parents may have regarding medication management. Advantages and disadvantages unique to your child are always thoroughly discussed before Dr. LoPinto recommends a referral for a medication evaluation.