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Lisa LoPinto, Clinical Psychologist, P.C. *

Developing Positive Behavior In Children And Adolescents

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First, Dr. LoPinto will provide a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that involves the following:


  • Conducting diagnostic interviews with the child, the child’s parents, and the

    child’s teachers
  • Completing the Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems (ALSUP) with parents
  • Obtaining a comprehensive developmental, medical, mental, social/behavioral, and academic history
  • Reviewing any previous educational, psychological, or neurological testing
  • Using rating scales, questionnaires, and checklists completed by the child, parents, and/or teachers
  • Observations of the child across settings



Then, based on the identification of your child’s difficulties, the following skills training strategies may be suggested when working collaboratively with your child:


  • Coping skills

  • Self-control/self-regulation
  • Anger management
  • Planning and organizing time and space
  • Focus and attention
  • Working memory
  • Study skills
  • Relaxation and coping thoughts
  • Social skills
  • Self-monitoring skills